Giving Back
    The author is pleased to donate 25% of his royalties from the sale of this book to the
organizations listed below.

    The Hole in the Wall Gang camps provide seriously ill children the opportunity to play
and be with other children, and represent the living legacy of racecar driver and actor,
Paul Newman. Although many people remember Newman as a fine movie actor, his
passion and talent for motorsport and for helping seriously ill children more closely identify
who he was off-camera. That Newman sought to harness his acting fame and transform it
into a force for helping those less fortunate set an example that the author is honored to
modestly emulate.

    The Ayrton Senna Institute seeks to improve the lives of children and young people
who live in Brazil. According to its website, the organization has helped nearly eight million
individuals in social and educational projects that involve more than ten thousand schools
and nearly seventy thousand educators located in over one thousand three hundred
cities. The author applauds the work of the institute, which is seen as a model in other
South American countries. In particular, the author salutes Viviane Senna: in the years
since 1994, she has transformed her grief over the loss of her brother into a steady,
guiding force as the institute’s presiding officer. She is a champion and a heroine, a
shining example of what is good and compassionate in our world.
Obrigado, Viviane.
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